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WP Add new settings page for plugins/theme

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<?php $run_now = new prism_invoice_settings(); class prism_invoice_settings{ function __construct() { add_action('admin_menu', [$this, 'create_m

WordPress Add page template from plugins

Category: PHP, WordPress

$var = new Prism_IG_Templates(); class Prism_IG_Templates { function __construct() { add_filter ('theme_page_templates', [$this, 'AddTemplate_Login

Register custom post type in WordPress from Class

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$var = new CreateThePostNow(); class CreateThePostNow { private $post_type = 'post_type'; // Your Post Type private $post_name

Update/Change WordPress Site Hosting


If you want to change WordPress follow below process Let's complete all work from old hosting Export the database first as sql form PHP MyAdminD

Codeigniter count_all_results without reset query

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If you want to count total data from table before get result then you can follow below codes. $this->select('Name'); $TotalData = $this->db->

Input variables exceeded 1000, change max_input_vars in php.ini


Codeigniter php_value max_input_vars 2000  

Mac OS X Start / Stop / Restart Apache Web Server


Follow below rules for Stop Apache sudo apachectl stop or sudo apachectl -k stop Follow below rules for Start Apache sudo apachectl start or

How to change XAMPP htdocs directory in OSX?


Open httpd.conf file from below directory first /Applications/XAMPP/xamppfiles/etc/httpd.conf Search for "DocumentRoot" in httpd.conf and change to

How to extract URL from hyperlink on Excel


Add a new module from developer tab then insert below code Function GetURL(pWorkRng As Range) As String 'Updateby20140520 GetURL = pWorkRng.Hyp

Enable Leverage browser caching by .htaccess


For enable Leverage browser caching just use the following code on your .htaccess file ## START OF EXPIRES CACHING ## <IfModule mod_expires.c>

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