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WordPress Ajax request send and receive

Category: AJAX, jQuery, WordPress

Send request from HTML form <form data-action="<?php echo get_site_url().'/wp-admin/admin-ajax.php'; ?>"> <input type="hidden" name="a

File Permission for WordPress site

Category: , Ubuntu, VPS, WordPress

Connect server via command prompt.Just copy paste below code and press enter. sudo chown -R www-data:www-data /var/www

WordPress Menu Functions

Category: , Menu, Uncategorized

Register a new menu // Start of Register menu function menu_registration_prism_10928(){ register_nav_menus(array( "primary_menu" => __

WP Advance Post query with meta taxonomy & pagination

Category: , Query, WordPress

<? function GetPosts($data = null){ $Return = new stdClass; if($data){ extract($data); } $page = (

WP Read/UnRead status checking code helper

Category: , PHP, WordPress

<?php // Start of class build by PrismICT.com class isRead{ function _construct(){ } private $postType = 'status_check'; private $statusN

WordPress custom query and pagination

Category: , AJAX, jQuery, PHP, WordPress

1. Create the view section where data will show <div class="all_contact_area"> <form class="ViewListing SubmitAuto" action="<?php echo

Wo Custom User Login CODEX

Category: , PHP, WordPress

if(!$_email){ $error['_email'] = __('Enter username/email'); } if(!$_password){ $error['_password'] = __('Enter password'); } if(!$error){ $authen

WP Register new user CODEX

Category: , PHP, WordPress

// Start of validation if(!$_agree){ $error['_agree'] = __('Must need to accept terms'); } if(!$_email){ $error['_email'] = __('Enter email');

WordPress Add page template from plugins

Category: , PHP, WordPress

$var = new Prism_IG_Templates(); // Start of Create class class Prism_IG_Templates { function __construct() { add_filter ('theme_page_templates',

Register custom post type in WordPress from Class OOP

Category: , PHP, WordPress

// Register new post type $var = new CreateThePostNow(); class CreateThePostNow { private $post_type = 'post_type'; // Your Post Type pr

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